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Embracing your strengths for career success

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Jesse J. Anderson

Jesse J. Anderson

ADHD Jesse

Trina Haynes

Trina Haynes

My Lady ADHD

Juggling your career while managing your ADHD is undoubtedly a challenge.

Sometimes, it's just plain overwhelming.

Your ADHD symptoms could be affecting your career success.

Join us for this 2-day virtual workshop experience... where you can sharpen your ADHD knowledge, be a part of a community of ADHDers, and learn skills that you can carry into any workplace.

This workshop can help you clear through the clutter, understand your ADHD brain and provide you with the tools, resources, and confidence to move you FORWARD at work.

Managing ADHD in the workplace can be difficult and draining... we think there's a better way.

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who wants to learn to work WITH their incredible ADHD brain, and not against it

The employee who is desperately trying to hold all of the pieces together

The exhausted, burnt out, overwhelmed, confused ADHDer - who is searching for understanding, tools, compassion, and community

The employer who wants to understand how to support someone with ADHD in the workplace

The ADHD entrepreneur who is struggling with time management & procrastination

You've always had "great potential" but keep running into trouble at work.

Work alongside a like-minded community of ADHDers

Two-Day Workshop Schedule

The Working With ADHD Workshop takes place over two days.


Day 1: Getting Started

Join us as we break down the real roadblocks that ADHDers face in the workplace. We'll take a dive into different ways to motivate your brain to help overcome workplace challenges.

This session will be filled with breakout sessions and is designed to be engaging for your ADHD brain - since it was designed by two people who HAVE ADHD.

  • ADHD 101
  • How ADHD Impacts Your Career
  • Motivating Your Brain


Day 2: Putting It Into Action

For our second session, we will help guide you to finding your ADHD Strengths in the workplace and provide you with tools and resources for your ADHD Toolbox.

This session also includes lots of breakout sessions and a community vibe that is so important for ADHDers.

  • Unlocking Your Strengths
  • Workplace Accommodations
  • Tools & Strategies for Your Toolbox

Workshop Topics

ADHD 101

What is ADHD and how does it affect our work?
  • Understanding Executive Functioning
  • Neurochemical Differences

How ADHD Impacts Your Career

How ADHD impacts your career and how to manage it
  • How ADHD Impacts your Career
  • Procrastination
  • Working Memory
  • Time Blindness
  • Distraction/Boredom

Motivating Your Brain

How to get your brain to do what you want it to do
  • Motivation Sparks
  • Important vs. Urgent
  • Task Initiation
  • Building Your Momentum
  • Developing Habits and Routines

Unlocking Your Strengths

Leaning into what makes you great
  • ADHD Traits That Are Beneficial in the Workplace
  • How to Leverage Your ADHD strengths
  • Why Are So Many of Us Entrepreneurs?

Workplace Accommodations

How you can get the support you need at work
  • Understanding Accommodations
  • What to Say to Your Boss
  • How to Ask for Accommodations
  • Sharing with Coworkers
  • How to Get the Support You Need

Tools & Strategies

Building a toolbox full of tools build for your unique brain.
  • Finding What Works for Your Brain.
  • Avoiding Toxic Productivity
  • Build an ADHD Strategy Toolbox

Meet Your Instructors

Jesse J. Anderson

Jesse J. Anderson

I was diagnosed with ADHD in my mid-thirties and it rocked my world. My own behavior finally made sense. Like many with ADHD, I thought that all my mistakes and failed willpower were moral failings—that I was just lazy, selfish, stupid, or crazy.

But those words never felt right to me, and I finally knew why.

Since my diagnosis, I've made it my mission to help others learn what ADHD really is and how to work with it. I write about ADHD regularly online, I'm writing a book, I have a weekly newsletter Extra Focus, and I also host the ADHD Nerds podcast.

Trina Haynes

Trina Haynes

Trina Haynes is a fellow ADHDer, ADHD Advocate, and Founder of My Lady ADHD - an online resource & engaging community for people discovering their ADHD.

Trina is a natural teacher and is very passionate about helping others navigate their ADHD symptoms; especially in the workplace. Learn more about Trina and the mission of My Lady ADHD by visiting:

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